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Cavallo Point | Sausalito, california

Elle Scott Wedding-EJP-1259.jpg
Elle Scott Preview-EJP-1002.jpg
Elle Scott Wedding-EJP-1157.jpg


lle has to be one of the sweetest brides that I've had the privilege of working with.  She has such a taste for sophistication and elegance, so I knew by working together, we'd produce something great!  The focus was on florals and butterflies. We designed the most elegant suite that was both classy and feminine.  The dainty die-cut butterfly card was the perfect addition to an already perfect suite.  

Elle's wedding suite include an invitation, a details card giving information about their welcome party, a die-cut butterfly card leading guests to their wedding website, an envelope liner showcasing their custom monogram, and carefully curated vintage postage.  Goodness... I'm still gushing over this one 😍

Wedding Planner: Riley Loves Lulu
Photographer: Emilia Jane
Venue: Cavallo Point

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