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auren and Ethan were the absolute sweetest couple to work with! They provided me with a few details about their wedding, and allowed me to create something truly unique for them.

The custom wedding crest was placed along the top of their invitation. This crest was painted using dusty blue watercolor and framed out with their wedding greenery, eucalyptus and ferns. I place their monogram in the center of the crest and a painting of their venue, Fussell Farm, at the top. Dusty blue was the color used throughout their wedding, so I wanted to incorporate it as much as possible. I chose a simple, serif font printed in navy ink. The back of their invitation was covered with a light blue watercolor wash and custom, repeating pattern of eucalyptus and ferns.

Their RSVP card also included a watercolor wash and a simple line drawing of their venue. They opted for their RSVP cards to be sent out as postcards, so the back was designed in the style of a postcard with their crest repeated on the back. The outer envelope I sourced was navy to coordinate with the overall color scheme.

This was one of my very first wedding suites! I love revisiting this and reflecting back on where I began. Lauren and Ethan were the perfect couple to work with, and I am forever grateful for their willingness to trust me with the wedding paper!

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